Do you often wonder why you get so many postcards and letters in your mail from large and small companies alike?

The answer: Direct Mail Advertising Works.

Here are the 3 biggest secrets of why marketing with direct mail works so well.

Secret #1:

Regular, repeated mailings are the way to create huge predictable results. When you mail your targeted
demographic area, customer base, etc., you will cause dramatic growth. Have you ever gotten on a major department store’s database? It seems like every month you get a postcard or letter from them. What do they know that you do not? People respond to repetition.

Secret #2:

When you use postcards to market your business to your specific demographics you have solved one of the most common pitfalls to direct mail advertising. How do I get my prospects to see my offer?
With direct mail postcards, you are guaranteed that your prospects will see your offer. There is nothing to open, flip through, or remember. Even if they throw your piece away, they still see your promotion. Create great offers, and a strong headline, and you will get response.

Secret #3:

Identify the reasons why people do not buy your product and solve them. There are really only four reasons people do not buy your products or services. Here they are:

Reason #1:


When people do not buy, it is because they do not want what you are offering. Save lots of time, effort and money by targeting your mailings to only people who have a want or need for what you are offering.

Reason #2:


When people do not buy from you, it is because they decide that buying something else is more important. It is your job to show your prospects how your product will give or get them what they really want. Use Direct Mail as a way of solving their problems.

Reason #3:


People tend to drag their feet after they decide to buy. The longer they wait, the more likely they are to forget. Or, they may remember the product but not you. Use Direct Mail as reminders of you, your product and your service.

Reason #4:


Fear of losing something (like money) is a bigger concern than getting something they want. Take away the risk of doing business with your company (ex. No interest financing, money-back guarantees, testimonials of satisfied buyers, etc.)

The Benefits of Direct Mailing

Direct Mail is the hardest-working medium available for your budget, Direct Mail lets you target the people with the most potential to purchase your product or service. It gives you more format options than any other medium. And it provides results that can be measured and analyzed so you can adjust your spending for maximum cost-effectiveness. The U.S. Postal Service is an incredibly efficient way to deliver a printed message. And those 255,000 mail carriers can act as your sales force, in those times when it’s not possible to send a salesperson to call on a potential customer.

In 2002 an estimated $728 Billion in revenue was reported in response to Direct Mail
Key things to remember when booking your advertising:

  • 55% of Americans subscribe to the newspaper – 30% actually read it through
  • 18% of the population listen to any given radio station.
  • 95% of Americans have telephones
  • 30% of Americans have internet service
  • 98% of Americans have a television

Key Attributes of Solo Direct Mail

  • Solo – No more being lumped together with other advertisers, often with your competitors.
  • Targeted – Select your specific audience by: age, income, home value, sex, etc.
  • Measurable – By using an offer you can measure, allows you to know for sure what your rate of return is.
  • Personalized – Because it comes by itself, it is more personal to your prospect.
  • Customized – Run what you want, when you want, and to whomever you want.
  • Tangible – Your prospect can hold your offer in their hands, or put it up to be reminded at a later date.
  • Less wasted circulation – No more advertising to the masses. Pick your areas, and demographics.
  • Timed – Mail on your deadline, not someone else’s.