How do I know where to send my marketing materials?

Our team of professionals will guide you and help you to determine your options with a tailored marketing approach. Let us know a little bit about your business and we can start your custom plan!

Should I keep mailing the same people?

It is important to keep your name in the minds of your potential customers. We recommend that you contact them at least three times annually so that you become a familiar face.

How often should I run campaigns?

Every business and organization has their own specific needs. Talk to our team to come up with a strategy for your direct mail campaigns, including the frequency of your efforts.

How much does a postcard cost to ship?

With our turnkey approach to direct mail marketing, what we can offer is often less than the price of a first-class letter, providing a cost-effective way to reach thousands of clients.

How is that even possible?

Through bulk production, we can achieve a more efficient direct mailing process!

What does “Turnkey” mean in marketing?

When you utilize our turnkey services, you work with a team of experts who know direct mail from start to finish and will guide you through the process. From identifying your customer base to designing your campaign, mailing your materials, measuring your ROI, and everything in between, you have a dedicated marketing team in your corner. We’re here to execute a seamless campaign and help you reach your goals.

Do I need to have a design already?

Our team has a full graphics team on staff ready to support you in all your creative phases, so you can depend on us from start to finish.

Is direct mail effective?

With direct mail, you can target specific households or neighborhoods based on demographics, income, and other factors. This means you can send your message directly to the people most likely interested in your product or service.

Learn More About the Success of Direct Mail

When you want to communicate with future customers, a targeted direct mail campaign can help you achieve more. Call National Target Mailing today to learn more about the advantages of direct marketing at ‪(214) 307-2515‬ and be sure to ask about our subscription model.