1. How do I determine where to mail my post cards?
    We will ask you some questions and then recommend what we think would be the best for your particular business.
  2. Do I mail the same people more than once?
    We recommend that you mail the same people at least 3 times a year to keep your name in front of them.
  3. How often should I mail?
    There is no set guideline for that it really depends on your business needs.
  4. Do we have to meet face to face?
    No we can do everything via email and telephone.
  5. How much does it normally cost?
    Our turn key postcards are normally less than a 1st class postage stamp.
  6. What is turn key direct mail?
    It is where all of the cost associated with the postcard mailing are included in the price given.
  7. How can the cost of a postcard mailer be less than a 1st class postage stamp?
    By printing and mailing in bulk we get the lowest printing and postage price possible.
  8. Do I have to design my card or do you have someone to design it?
    No we have a graphic artist on staff.
  9. How do I know it will work?
    This type of marketing is the only medium that can guarantee that everyone that gets your ad will see it. The better your offer the better your response.
  10. How do I know they were mailed?
    You will receive a official document from the U.S. Post Office stating how many were mailed and the date that they were entered in to the Postal System.
  11. What size postcards work the best?
    They all work the same, it really depends on how much information that you need to put on the card. You don’t want the postcard to be too busy.