Brochure Or Rack Card? Know Your Options

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Communicating your brand’s essence is a vital part of your marketing strategy. People need to know who you are and what you do, and things move quickly these days. If your audience does not have an immediate grasp on your message, then you could be missing out on valuable new customers. So when it comes to deciding whether to print a brochure or rack card, you want to know which suits your needs best.

At National Target Mailing, we understand the value of having quality printed materials for your business. When you need to make a decision on how to approach your customers, we offer a range of solutions that can help you to share the word. Depending on your business, you might have significantly different needs than other businesses, even if they seem like direct competitors. Take some time to meet with our team to learn about the importance of having a marketing strategy designed with your specific goals in mind.

What Is A Rack Card, Exactly?

One of the first questions that people have about physical marketing materials is, “What is a rack card, and is this different than a brochure?”

For most people, the difference between a brochure and a rack card is negligible, but one may suit your needs better than the other. You can think of a rack card as a sleeker alternative to a brochure, one that only needs a printed front and a reverse side.

These are known as rack cards, and you might be familiar with them from a visit to a doctor’s office. Rack cards bring information quickly and succinctly, helping interested viewers to get a grasp of your message. Simply grab a two-sided sheet, and you have the information that you need.

Brochure Or Rack Card?

Sometimes, you might need to give a little bit more information than will fit on a two-sided rack card. In these situations, the versatility of a brochure solution really shines through. Our team offers a range of options when designing a brochure, so you can have a printed option that really suits your marketing needs.

When you are making your plans, think about how many printed sides you will need. Bifold brochures allow for four sides, opening like a book or a menu. If you need more information, then a trifold might be the best solution for your business. These provide six sides, giving you ample room to spread your message.

Print Your Marketing With NTM

If you are running low on your current stock of printed marketing materials, talk to our team about your options. To learn more about whether a brochure or rack card is right for your business, give us a call at National Target Mailing at ‪(214) 307-2515‬ today!