Direct Mail Campaigns

If you are trying to connect with new people, you might wonder why so many companies rely on direct mail. After all, this is supposed to be the digital age, right? The secret is that direct mail campaigns simply work.

When you want a convenient and effective method of reaching new clients, direct mail brings you tested results. Even though digital media is more important than ever, your customers still depend on physical media when making their vital business decisions. Give them something to read and hold from National Target Mailing so that they remember your name!

The Advantages of Direct Mail

When you want to reach your customers where they are, there is no better way than with the post office. Through direct mail campaigns, you can be sure that your message is heard loud and clear, as everyone has a mailbox. By taking advantage of the postal service in your marketing strategy, you have an opportunity to turn your local mail carrier into your advertising delivery service!

Build Your Brand Through Consistent Communication

With a targeted direct mail campaign for your business or organization, you give yourself the chance to become a household name. Through repeated mailings to the same address, you can be sure that you stay fresh in their minds.


One of the most popular forms of direct mail communication is a printed two-sided postcard. The size and shape give you ample room to share your message, while still staying small enough for your clients to keep around. This way, your new customers can put your postcard up on their fridge, reminding themselves to call your business daily.

Postcards can be a great solution for a variety of needs, from dental offices to local political action. Talk to our team about your needs, and we can help you to decide on the specifics. From a sleek matte to an accessible glossy design, you have the opportunity to reach local consumers. Since they don’t even have to open an envelope, you can capture their eyes as soon as they open the mailbox!

12-Month Direct Mail Campaign

When you need to drive new and existing traffic to your website, you want to make sure that people remember your name. This subscription helps you to target a certain area, either by ZIP code or by distance from your business. With a 12-month direct mail campaign from our team, you can reach your audience with consistency.

Our subscription requires at least 1,000 direct mailers per campaign to maintain effectiveness for you and your company. We will send you a detailed report each month, giving you valuable insight into your demographic reach. Discounts apply to this program, so be sure to talk to our team about your options.

12-month direct mail campaigns work well for nearly any kind of business, and they help you to show your presence in the community. Show them that you care with a steady flow of postcards that highlight who you are and what you do!

Quarterly Direct Mail Campaign

For another option, ask us about quarterly direct mail campaigns. This option can help you to really spread the word about your organization or business!

Like with our 12-month direct mail campaigns, you can make sure that your neighbors know your name by contacting them with consistency. They need to open their mail, guaranteeing that they will see your marketing material, unlike with some other methods. We will also send you a detailed demographic report and design examples, helping you to track the effectiveness of your marketing.

As with all our subscription-based models, we offer discounts for our quarterly campaigns. We require a minimum of 2000 mailers for a quarterly campaign, so ask about how to make them the most effective in bringing you new customers. Talk to our team and develop a solution that fits your needs!

New Mover Mailer Program

Welcoming your neighbors to your community can be a great way to connect. When they move in, make sure that they know your name first and foremost. By targeting them soon after their move, you can be the name they grow to trust!

With a minimum of 500 direct mailers, this can also be a more cost-effective way to generate quality leads. Moreover, we can roll over any unused mailers to the next month, just in case there is less movement at a certain time. We want to make sure that you reach the clients you need, in a way that works for your business.

As with our other subscription-based services, you will be an active part of the entire process. Our team will send you a monthly design and demographic report, helping you to understand your effectiveness and tailor your campaign to suit your needs. NTM offers discounts on each of our subscriptions, so reach out to our team today to learn more!

Talk To Our Team About Your Direct Mail Possibilities!

Your physical marketing materials make a huge difference in reaching your new clients. Ask our team of direct mail experts about your options in postcards, catalogs, and brochures today at National Target Mailing at ‪(214) 307-2515‬ today. We want to help you connect with your customers!