Data-Driven Direct Mail Brings Results

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When you come home after a long day at work, there is one last errand that you need to do before you can finally kick off your shoes. Checking the mail is something that is universal, and it can be a powerful marketing tool when it is done in a smart way. Data-driven direct mail uses precise analytics to help you reach the right audience, helping you to cut down on waste and target your customers.

At National Target Mailing, we know that the needs of businesses are changing in a post-pandemic world, and direct mail needs to adapt right alongside them. That’s why we work tirelessly to create effective communication through well-crafted quality materials and campaigns that are tailored to suit your needs. Whether your business benefits the most from a 12-month direct mail campaign or a new mover mailer program, our team is here to make sure that you reach the right people directly in their mailbox. When you need marketing that works, call a team with over 20 years of experience in the field of direct mail marketing!

Data-Driven Direct Mail Focuses On The Information

Information is one of the most valuable currencies these days, as companies look to leverage their customer’s habits. Simply put, with a greater knowledge of the consumer, you can reach them when and where it is most effective. Direct mail might not seem like a marketing technique that requires intense data collection, but those who are taking advantage of information are seeing results. Data-driven direct mail provides a way to be more effective when spreading your message. By knowing your targets, you can lower your overall cost by limiting waste.

Tailoring Your Content To Your Local Audience

People instinctively look for their new local businesses when they move into a different neighborhood, and that means that this is a great time to contact them. 90% of new movers are open to trying new brands, and if you are nowhere to be seen during this period, they might choose one of your competitors. They are most likely to consider new businesses withing the first two months of living at their residence, so timing is key.

With our new mover mailer program, you can make a connection to people quickly once they move into your neighborhood. You want a design that attracts, and implementation that hits them at the right time. If your neighborhood has seen some changes over the last few years, reach out to your new neighbors.

Meet New Movers With Data-Driven Direct Mail

Knowing when to contact your community is key. To find out more about our new mover mailer program, speak with our team at National Target Mailing at ‪(214) 307-2515‬ today!